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he got the scwhinn bike and 6 silver dollars and a whole bunch of other neat stuff. Clown started, there was a show on at noon [channel 9, WGN] CALLED "Lunchtime Little Theater" with Uncle Ned, a woman referred to as Aunt Nel[? I remember some of my favorite bits on Garfield Goose were "The Magic Hands" "Journey to the Beginning of Time", " The Funny Company" and "Clutch Cargo" I wish you could find these bits on video. Your Comment: Ray Rayner, wherever you are, from your crazy do-it-yourself projects, your umbrella hat and the morning ritual of... " said by Cuddly Dudley, you filled my childhood mornings with wonderful friends. Your Comment: A long, LONG time ago, when I was very young (around 1955 or so), I saw (on TV) a cartoon about a trip to the moon.

he went with his class that day and i cant remember the school name, but his name is randy morgan and he had on a little red cowboy hat and bozo slid it down around his neck so he could see randy's face better. I remember your Harry Belifonti "Dao" routine and your trips to the closet. This was a serious animation, not made for laughs and must have been made in the 1930's or 1940's.

I am also glad to see Garfield Goose, Frasier Thomas, Ray Rayner. Tabor, NJ 07878 Your Comment: Thank you,and God Bless You for bringing back very graciously the show Bozo the circus,as a boy i remember getting to go to see the show and it was wonderful..i was born in 1958, and we lived in different areas in Chicago,some places being on racine, montrose, a few...thanks for the fond memories... The Garfield Goose exhibit jogged a memory, and when I came home I unearthed a Garfield goose puppet, complete with clacky plastic mouth and little gold crown.

This was when the show was on channel 26, which I believe is (was) WCIU-TV.

Of course, seeing the show now as an adult made me realize how goofy I must have looked in my nehru jacket and carnaby street hat! I still think Bob Bell, Ray Rayner, and Roy Brown (that's Cooky, right?

The children of today (I sound like my parents) are missing a lot.

But I will say that as a writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, one of my biggest thrills was interviewing Bill Jackson in 1995 for a Sun-Times story. Ken" The Museum of Broadcast Communications ( has several episodes in their archives available for viewing; I'm not sure what's available for sale, though. Your Comment: I am so excited to find that your organization exists.

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