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I attribute this denial to the ever-rampant anti-Black sentiment in America and throughout the world, but I will not use this as an excuse.

Often Puerto Ricans who assert our Blackness are not only outcast by Latinos who identify more with their Spanish Conqueror than their African ancestors, but we are also shunned by Black Americans who do not see us as Black.

Maybe, on Instagram, Gaga was just trying to paint a pretty, not-fully-accurate picture of the situation and dynamic between them?

We’re just two people figuring it out.”Despite what we may have assumed, Taylor Kinney is non-illusory.

All I need to do is go to Puerto Rico and look all around me.

Damn, all I really have to do is look in the mirror every day. My ancestors are not descendants of Spain, but descendants of Africa. (Borinken is the indigenous name of the island of Puerto Rico.) Being Latino is not a cultural identity but rather a political one.

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Some of the first slave rebellions took place on the island of Puerto Rico.

” But after speaking to several friends, I found out that many Black Americans and Latinos agree with him. I am so tired of having to prove to others that I am Black, that my peoples are from the Motherland, that Puerto Rico, along with Cuba, Panama and the Dominican Republic, are part of the African Diaspora.

Did we forget that the slave ships dropped off our people all over the world, hence the word Diaspora?

Although many of us in activist circles are enlightened, many of us have baggage that we must deal with.

So many times I am asked why many Boricuas refuse to affirm their Blackness.

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