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If you notice these errors when submitting a form, contact your host and find out if there are any restrictions.Enable local mail for your domain Be sure to enable local mail delivery for your domain.Disabling local mail delivery is common if you are using an external mail server, but can cause bounce-backs saying the email user does not exist.Also, if possible, check your server’s email logs or have your host check them for you and see if it’s refusing to send an email.

The two most common issues have to do with either j Query or CSS.Set the Reply-To email to a same domain email Setting up SMTP will get you part of the way there. For others, it requires additional configuration If you find that emails are not being sent, you should first confirm that you have completed all of the details in the .Next, be sure to set the Reply-To option to an email that exists on the same domain as your Word Press site.Check SPAM folder A quick look in the SPAM folder will tell you if the emails are being routed into the folder.If so, simply train your email client to not treat those emails as SPAM Configure your site to use SMTP Some people have reported that after the form is submitted, no email is received.

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