Dating for poor people

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My answer to those complaints: Luxy is a new concept and product, and the current version is for testing the water, so we made it as free first.

Also, our staff is manually checking each profile to identify if the owner is rich or beautiful, and many people are removed by us.

Call society superficial, but the hard truth is that “birds of a feather flock together.” If you’re successful and attractive, you probably don’t have time to waste with people below your class level.

Enter Luxy, a new dating app that claims to be “Tinder, minus the poor people.”Unlike Tinder, who allows anyone to sign up, Luxy focuses on only having members in the 1 percent, whether it’s millionaires, supermodels, high level executives or any other group of elites.

I don't mind dating someone poor but I'm not about to give them (or let them spend) all my hard earned money. But if there are children involved I want an agreement on paper to protect myself from the state. Most poor either drink or smoke, both of which I just can't tolerate.

There is lots of free stuff in the world to do together and I don't mind giving gifts or paying for a meal or movie on occasion. However most poor do nothing to work towards self sufficiency. Why can't more people just live off a small piece of land like the Amish do?

Or do you even wish to be around someone that has no funds? It was one of the deciding factors as to if I want to continue dating her. And believe me, you will be so much happier either way! I look only that she loves me for me and is someone I love her just for her and not anything else !

Personally, I would find more things to do that costs less money or no money at all. Go to the library, get a few books of poetry or short (erotic) stories and read them to her. Some ladies need to be taken out every night and have money spent on them, some ladies are content staying home and cuddling. Hey put more thought into what you are seeking, expand your ad. I don't care what the income is of any lady I date !I don’t think those dating sites are doing good, and I hate searching people manually every time after I logged into my account.1.There is no way to verify if a person is rich or beautiful.2.If she doesn't like it and maybe even asks for more, you will see her as she truly is. So rent some movies and have her make dinner at home. There are a ton of other things you can do that costs little or nothing. Emptying your bank account is only showing what a sucker you are. You've been here since December and everything is "prefer not to say" and just wanta have fun. And some are looking to use a guy until they have their own act together, then cut him loose and move up. Nothing wrong with dating someone that is not on the same income level, its all a learning experience. You may find the lady of your dreams yet.i wouldnt mind dating someone who makes less than me but he has to have a job i dont mind staying at home during the week and do something (less expensive) on the weekend my guy works hard to his job and he isnt making alot of money but he has a daughter to support and saving up for a house when he gets the house he told me there will be less money i told him no problem. I would be dating her because she is someone I want too be with !I truly hope you get a nice return for your "investment", know what I mean? Is she worth it to continue seeing her, and if so, to be more creative? im not looking for someone to support and im not looking for osmeone to support me Jilted, Personally speaking, it sounds as though you've already decided what to do, and just want someone to agree w/you. There is some good advice here from others..tons of things to do that cost nothing, etc.not try that approach? What some lady has or has not is nothing I worry about ever!

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