Dhcp not updating dns

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Specifically, it will push forward (A) and reverse (PTR) lookup entries.

Hi I've been working all day a on a problem that I'm unfortunately unable to solve.

This secret key will be used to authenticate our dns update clients with the dns server. Create the key as such: No, that is not the key I use. Restart named and you should be able to push updates dynamically to the dns server.The Domain Name System brought a method of distributing the same address information automatically online through recursive queries to remote databases configured for each network, or domain.Even this DNS facility still used static lookup tables at each participating node.This protocol-based DNS update method was documented and standardized in IETF publication RFC 2136 in 1997 and has become a standard part of the DNS protocol (see also nsupdate program).The explosive growth and proliferation of the Internet into homes brought a growing shortage of available IP addresses.

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