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Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.You can choose your language settings from within the program.' Herein lay the crux of an historic contradiction: Jews were being blamed for a musical development that they were not responsible for.The man who thought up tone-rows in music, something known today as 'twelve-tone' or 'serial music', was Josef Matthias Hauer, another non-Jewish Austrian, whose music 'had the effect on Schönberg that Satie's had on Debussy', as Egon Wellesz mentions in his Oxford lectures on Schönberg.

We are delighted to welcome Jutta Raab-Hansen — author of NS-verfolgter Musiker in England: Spuren deutscher und österreichischer Flüchtlinge in der britischen Musikkultur (von Bockel Verlag, Hamburg, 1996) and now London-based — onto the committee of the IFSM; her knowledge and expertise will be of considerable help in our work.

Editorial The past few months has seen the deaths of a number of friends of the International Forum for Suppressed Music, chief among them two composers and one composer's daughter — Peter Gellhorn , Vilém Tauský and Spoli Mills , who was also a Patron of the IFSM.

This issue of the Newsletter carries obituaries of all three — and, in the interests of promoting the music Peter and Vilém have left behind them, I have added worklists for both composers.

Krenek retorts to the Bishop's astonishment that in his opinion, of the important so-called 'atonal' composers being performed at the time in Vienna, he could only recall one with Jewish ancestry: Arnold Schönberg.

The others — himself included, Alban Berg, Anton von Webern — were all Catholics.

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