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He is a great guy, but I would never date him, because he complains and blames his arm for all sorts of things that have nothing to do with it. You should never judge a person for the things they have no control over, instead look at what they do with what they have....attitude toward life is key.Are you happy to be alive, or do ya feel the world owes you? Look on the bright side, you will corner the market on ugly women.A great mind, sense of humor are a great start with me. When we lived in Dublin CA we had a neighbor who was blind and she got me back into doing hot water bath canning, and taught me how to read braille and use a braille typewriter.

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How could life be anything short of phenomenal with that person providing I have all my senses?

I gravatite towards the "happy to be alive crowd" all the time. If you can't see them, then what do looks matter anyway!??

Most have to develop awesome personalities to compensate, so you'll have the world by the a$$! I am visually impaired, so dating a man who is would probably not be a deal breaker to me.

We dated a little over 2 years and the reason we broke up had nothing to do with his lack of sight.

I have known a few men over the years who had some sort of disability.

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