Eric mabius dating

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People try to be very calculated about affairs of the heart, but it’s never going to work. Oddly enough, as personality types, our own personalities as actors were the opposite of the characters we were playing.

You’ll end up with a sterile relationship, I’d think. I think I’m a fairly calm, even person, and she’s slightly more neurotic, so as people we kind of balance each other out.

Fortunately, Brooke is just so sweet and gracious and honest, and that’s why I loved working with her.

She doesn’t hide much, which makes it easy and a lot more fun to play.

So I knew how to negotiate awkward situations because I had to learn how to adapt very early on.

I chose the position of being more of a loner, and from that position it always kept people guessing, which had a certain amount of power.

I know we all may have seen a movie about the guy who’s geeky and needs direction in life, a sort of ugly duckling story.

I felt like Bart Fisher had written something that was quirky enough and that I could spin it a little bit differently and still be real, just kind of drown it in reality.

Was playing a character like this one of the things that made you want to do this movie?

She was definitely the most beautiful, but she also marched to the beat of her own drummer.

I was in New Orleans 10 years after high school, and my friend played matchmaker with us, and that’s kind of how we got together.

And they’re supposed to be intense because it’s the first time we’re experiencing a lot of those things.

You do have to follow your heart, otherwise you’re living a false life.

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