Gothic film 1986 online dating

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Unclear, but it barely got a VHS release, let alone anything subsequent.

You may have caught it on Alex Cox’s Moviedrome on BBC2 in the 1990s.

Uncle Remus isn’t a slave, but he is an Uncle Tom, and as of 2010, Disney’s line (via CEO Bob Iger) was that the film is “antiquated” and “fairly offensive”.

Any future release would need copious extra features engaging with its historical context.

A set like that isn’t on the cards yet, although it remains the subject of discussion within the Mouse House.

Obviously you can get the Godfather Trilogy in a spiffy new Coppola-restored Blu-ray set with all the deleted scenes as extras.

Mysterious, sorcerous stranger Glaeken Trismegestus (Scott Glenn) arrives to save the day with a light show. Paul Wilson hates it, and Mann’s three-hour director’s cut was chopped in half by studio Paramount.

Mann is doubtful that much of the cut footage still exists, and didn’t enjoy the experience anyway, so has been reluctant to revisit it - then there are the possible rights issues around Tangerine Dream’s score to consider.

During World War II, German soldiers unearth a dangerously powerful entity in a castle in Romania (specifically pegged as a Golem in the film but not in F.

Paul Wilson’s original novel), who is understandably furious about the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews.

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