Queer as folk 1x12 online dating

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She is quickly overwhelmed with how fast they speak and has difficulty understanding.

Meanwhile, Kathryn suggests Daphne and her family come to their weekly grill night, but she and John are secretly upset when Daphne gets a ride to school on Emmett’s motorcycle.

This Is Not a Pipe (air date: 2011-06-06) Bay Kennish discovers during a biology class that she has a rare blood type which is different from her parents.

And Daphne's morals are tested when Toby ropes her and Emmett into a poker game, but it soon becomes clear that he may be in over his head.

Also, Regina accepts an invite for dinner with one of Kathryn's best-friends ex husbands and Bay becomes finds it hard to accept that Daphne has started hanging around with Liam.

Dogs Playing Poker (air date: 2011-07-04) After learning that Bay has secretly been seeing Ty both John and Kathryn insist on having him over for dinner.

However, with John’s words of encouragement about basketball, Daphne decides to make up with Liam.

Meanwhile, Bay is curious and asks Regina about her biological father but Regina and Adrianna both refuse to talk about him.

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