Sex dating in independence mississippi

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Don't stop nurturing your pottery skills just because your partner doesn't especially love ceramics.It's important to support each other's interests -- even and maybe especially when they aren't shared. While committing to another being is a great thing, giving up your needs and feelings up for that person isn't.The less you let what's going on in your relationship affect your work, friendships and interaction with family, the better. In reality, your partner should make you happy, not make you whole. Don't resist success, a promotion or making more money than your partner to boost his or her ego or spare his or her feelings.If the state of your relationship entirely determines your mood, then you are probably too consumed by it. If you have plans with family or your best friends, don't flake last minute to stay in with your significant other. Someone who truly loves you and who is worth loving is secure enough to cheer you on.6) Remember that you don't have to experience everything with him or her.That movie you've been looking forward to is finally coming out?

Also, you can't live your own life if you're always talking to someone else.

If you're anything like me, the minute you commit yourself to a partner, everything starts to revolve around him or her.

You want to make sure you meet his or her needs, but you're also unconsciously always thinking of ways to make him or her happy.

Don't compromise or undermine your own desires just because a) you want to give the other person everything they want or b) you're scared that you'll lose him or her if you need something different.

A functional relationship makes room for what both of you need, and your partner can't know what you need if you don't voice it.

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