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I want to find out more about the next reunion, and hopefully attend. Larry Wortman PO Box 1363, The Dalles, Oregon 97058 (541) 298-8600 Hello: I joined the Ponch in Oct '58 as a seaman apprentice straight out of book camp.Was yeoman striker for several months after being on the deck crew.That was one of my earliest eye opening experiences on how hungry the world was. Thanks hello, I served on the ponch 77-79name is pat stevens and I was in r dan wakefield I remember were always chewing/spitting tobacco. I have an extra 1975 WESTPAC Cruise Yearbook if anyone is interested.Subic Bay and the beautiful women I will never forget. I was on the "Ponch" 1974-1977 as part of the "Main Mission" team as Liquid Cargo Officer!Then was a radioman striker, ultimately making RM3. His physical condition precludes his attending any reunions.I was a reservist and left the Ponch in about June, '60. He would however like to hear from any shipmate who remembers him. He can be reached at: 1502 Woodroyal West Dr., Chesterfield, MO 63017-5553, (636) 532-5497 Info entered by: PF Hammond, S/T I am writing for my dad who served during WWII on the AOG 38.When it was over, Hong Kong, not like the Hong Kong of now, but more a town of shacks, was blown over. They told us not to go to Kowloon, so I went by myself on the Star Ferry. NOTE TO ALL WHO VISIT OUR WEBSITE ---- We encourage you to leave comments for all to read but, LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER so your shipmates may contact you.This was my first experience in such a strange place, unlike anything I had experienced in my young life. I still remember seeing a Sikh with full beard and turban. Our ship hired Mary Sue's Girls, who came aboard and painted the ship for our spent 3 inch/50 shells and we also let them stand by where we emptied our trays after chow and the girls took all edible food in a plastic bag. hello, I served on the ponch 77-79name is pat stevens and I was in r dan wakefield I remember were always chewing/spitting tobacco. PF Hammond, Secretary/Treasurer Hi all, It is great finding this site.

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Article and photos by Lance Peeples Those who defend our freedom are similar to those who defend our local communities from the ravages of fire.

This was all in 1962, and the next thing that happened was, one day, while walking down Kalakaua Ave in Waikiki, we were rounded up and ordered back to our ships or bases, and then found out that the Russians had planted missiles on Cuba. OS1(SW) Retired Navy [email protected] name is Roy Gonzales and I served on board the USS Kawishiwi AO-146 from 1960 thru 1962. I would like to hear from anyone who served during that time and remembers Capt Furlong and Capt Edney! Miles Gibbons (Gibby) here and hoping to see as many of the crew from Aug 66 - May 68 I was your Personnelman (PNSN).

We left Pearl without a full crew and headed toward the Panama Canal refuelling ships as we went. I am looking for a navy buddy who was with me at mosquito junction, Waipaho in '59. We sure had some great cruises to Westpac and great ports of call.

I just found out about this site from Ken Okolowitcz who recently attended your reunion, and through John Rhodenberry, we got reconnected this morning, after these 35 or so years.

My e-mail address is: [email protected]'m retired, from 30 years with the Post Office, and living in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon.

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