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Now, we haven’t yet developed the ‘genetic test’ referred to by Savulescu, and it’s possible that we may never do so because: (a) intelligence may not be genetically-based; and (b) even if it is, we may never discover all the subs-sets and combinations of genes associated with it. Science fiction today becomes science fact tomorrow.

If an embryo has gene subtypes (alleles) A, B there is a greater than 50% chance it will score more than 140 if given an ordinary education and upbringing.If it has subtypes C, D there is a much lower chance it will score over 140.Would you test the four embryos for these gene subtypes and use this information in selecting which embryo to implant?I had not met any of the other people in the lecture room before, save for Dr Thompson, and was unfamiliar with their work.I was completely ignorant of what had been discussed at the same event in previous years.

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